Quality Time

TPGA is taking a wee break as all but one of our editorial staff is traveling — with our children with autism — and that is a rather time-consuming and internet-unpredictable undertaking. We’ll resume posting essays on Wednesday, August 25th.

We’re very grateful for the fat pile of submissions both published on the site and upcoming, and encourage you to submit more, share more, build community more. The discussions in the comments  have been fantastic! Our thanks to everyone who has helped our community thrive.

While we’re away, you can check out what our editors have been up to:

Liz has been doing helpful TPGA round ups:

Jen is currently in … Yellowstone? Read about her family’s cross-country motorhome adventures at Have Autism Will Travel. She’s also been:

Shannon is about to take Leo to his first wedding in seven years. She thinks it will go well! Here’s some of her other August doings:

Science editor Emily is in the process of relocating her entire family (not a small task). Somehow, she’s still managing to keep up with her trademark intelligent, analytical blogging:

See you on the other side!