The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism community is growing rapidly; it’s no surprise we keep getting requests about how to support our new book. Thank you, community!

We appreciate every last effort to spread desperately needed positive, evidence-based autism information and advice via our book — whether you buy a book for a neighbor, an autism grandparent, the family of a child with a new diagnosis, an adult friend who may find it insightful — or buy a box of books to hand out at the next meeting you attend.

There are many ways to help get the word out about the TPGA book, several of which do not require spending money. Some ideas:

  • Post a review on Tell the rest of the world why our book matters, and why it helps!
  • Ask your library to purchase a copy of the book. The more requests a library gets, the more likely they are to purchase it. And when that library buys the book you will have made it possible for hundreds of other people to access a one-stop handbook for excellent autism information.
  • Email your friends and family this sample PDF  and a link to a bookseller like Amazon ( or Createspace ( or Barnes & Noble (
  • Donate a copy to your current or former pediatrician, because — for so many of us — how great would it have been to see this book on their shelf ten years ago?
  • Put a widget to purchase the book on your own blog or website. You can use the HTML we’ve provided.
  • Make a donation to our 501c3 so we can purchase books for libraries, schools, and doctors’ offices.

  • Contact us about doing interviews, book readings, radio, and internet radio spots. We’re pros. We’re fun. We’re informative

Profits from sales of the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism book go straight back to the community. We currently plan to donate proceeds towards “funding outstanding science” at the Autism Science Foundation, and investing in adult Autistics (whether that describes us now, or our children/clients in the future) via ASAN, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.

If you would like to fundraise for your own autism organization via TPGA book sales, contact us directly. If you have any other questions, leave a comment or email us at

Thank you again for your support of Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

           -The Editors

           Shannon, Jennifer, Liz, Emily, and Carol