Dusya Lyubovskaya and Autism Acceptance Month

We’re featuring “Slice of Life” conversations with Autistics of all ages — kids through adults — throughout April’s Autism Acceptance Month. Today we’re talking with Dusya Lyubovskaya, who co-hosts Autism Acceptance Awareness Day and Month 2012 with Paula C. Durbin-Westby.

What is your name?

My name is DUSYA LYUBOVSKAYA. I am 30.

Do you have a website?

I do not have a website, I do have indeed a blog and it is on Google: Dusyalyubovskaya.blogspot.com!

What would you like a one-sentence description of yourself to say?

I am an Autistic person who is interested in an Non Autistics (NT) perspective or point of view!

Do you have any autistic superpowers? What are they?

Well, I have a photographic memory and I have a feeling for my
surroundings (Emotional Intelligence) (if you call that super power 😉

What are some situations that make you happy, or satisfied?

Well, when I am at work as an Home health aide and help my clients; I
am happy when I see that my clients are happy and feel satisfaction
that I could make a person’s life easier!

In my private life, I am happy when I can spend time with my family and friends and I feel HAPPINESS and satisfaction when I grow on my potentials education-wise to achieve my goals to advance my career !

What are some situations that make you sad, or anxious?

I am not sure that there are situations that make me anxious, but I
do feel frustration and sadness when I am either not ABLE  to help
somebody or do not know HOW!; And I do get nervous when I have to study
for a quiz or exam!

Are there specific topics you find particularly compelling?

I find the topic Autism compelling because it is OBVIOUS that the population NEEDS to be educated on WHAT AUTISM IS meaning UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTING AUTISM as a part of OUR SOCIETY, the population knows about Autism from a variety of movies like RAIN MAN and they ALSO hear that Autism needs to be “CURED” from Autism Speaks but what the population does NOT KNOW is that Autism is COLORFUL and no Autistic person is alike and that Autistics are VERY INTELLIGENT but not all of them are ABLE to COMMUNICATE effectively!!!!

What are your preferred ways to be social?

I would LOVE to to socialize by having a conversation at a party or any other kind of event, but BECAUSE I have difficulties verbalizing my thoughts, I accept using Facebook or e-mail to socialize and I am also good one on one or by phone because I need to process less!

What traits do you prize in a friend, or companion?

Whether it is a friend or companion, he or she should treat people with disabilities with respect; to clarify; Treat them as the HUMAN BEINGS as they are who have thoughts AND FEELINGS (No matter WHAT disability the person has) and be open minded and a GOOD listener!!!!

Are there parts of your life you wish were easier?

Well, I have poor balance and that makes it hard for me to climb
on a chair or a ladder or even go down the stairs; so that is one
thing  and the other thing is that I have Dysphraxia (problem with fine
motor skills) so I have difficulties doing much with my fingers!

What’s the next big goal you have for yourself?

Well, I have recently graduated from my training in Phlebotomy and
am now a Certified Phlebotomy technician (blood drawing) so I have to
study for my STATE exam to get a license, but in general I want to
continue my education so that I can work in a lab and do research in
Molecular biology and Neuron Sciences!!!!

What does bliss feel like to you?

Throughout my childhood, my classmates gave me the feeling that I was WIRED, STUPID,    Something was WRONG with me and I also felt like something was WRONG with me because I had difficulties making friends but had fun with learning and reading books! This went on my ENTIRE school life and even when I started working; My co-workers thought that I was STRANGE!

Now I am 30 years old and I got diagnosed 3 years ago when I found The Asperger’s Association Of New England!!!! There I met FINALLY people to whom I could relate to and who understood me and just told me: Dusya, You are NOT STUPID and NOTHING is WRONG with you; You are just WONDERFULLY DIFFERENT 🙂 !!!!  Since I have my friends in The Autism Community , I FINALLY feel HOME AND SAFE and HAPPY. 🙂 !!!!

Thank you for reading DUSYA…