Here at TPGA, we’re featuring “Slice of Life” conversations with Autistics of all ages — kids through adults — throughout April’s Autism Acceptance Month. Today we’re talking with TPGA Contributor Michael Drejer. (Note slightly NSFW subject matter near the end.)

What is Your Name and age?

Michael Drejer. I’m 33.

Do you have a website or are you on Twitter?

Twitter: @maialideth

What would a one-sentence description of yourself sound like?

“Michael is an aspie living in Denmark.”

Do you have any autistic superpowers? What are they?

The ability to spot tiny differences that other people would not be able to see. Also handling the NT world is definitely a superpower.

What are some situations that make you happy, or satisfied?

When I have done a very challenging piece of work, like cleaning the room, doing laundry or completing a particularly difficult test at work successfully.

Also when I find rare or special offers on movie DVDs and Blu-Rays.

What are some situations that make you sad, or anxious?

Feeling sad when sitting home alone and it feels like I will never have a girlfriend.

Anxious when an appointment or meeting takes longer than scheduled. I get unfocused and very uncomfortable.

Are there specific topics you find particularly compelling?

I love talking about movies. Trivia, fun facts, actors, directors, basically anything that has to do with movies.

Also I love roleplaying games and storytelling.

What are your preferred ways to be social?

I prefer small groups of people I know well. People that share my interests. We have a Friday-café at work the last Friday of every month, where we drink a few beers or coca-cola, eat some snacks and talk of things outside of work. Also preferable is a location that I feel comfortable in and that I know well.

What traits do you prize in a friend, or companion?

Understanding or at least acceptance of who I am. I also value people that don’t talk too loud or with big arm-gestures.

Are there parts of your life you wish were easier?

I definitely wish my social skills were better. That I had more confidence in myself to go out and meet people, especially meeting women. I would very much like to have a girlfriend.

What’s the next big goal you have for yourself

Learn better social abilities and build up more energy (and confidence) to go out and meet new people. As I said, I would like to have a girlfriend. Also miss having people I can play roleplaying games with.

What does bliss feel like to you?

Not sure, I haven’t felt it in a long time. The best I can think of at the moment is either fun, great, exhausting sex, or having just finished an epic roleplaying session and knowing that the group will meet again next week to play.