We want April — Autism Acceptance Month — to matter, to help further acceptance and understanding of autistic experiences, happiness, and rights for autistic people of all ages and abilities. We will be publishing your Autism Acceptance posts and pictures all month long. If you want to participate, contact us at thinkingautism at gmail dot com.
-TPGA Editors

It matters when you meet someone who gets you. When you see someone who moves like you. When you’re with someone who understands what you like and why, even if you’ve only known each other for thirty minutes.

Leo felt instantly comfortable when he met Zoe (and Julia) for the first time, and hung out with them at a local aquarium. They were instant friends. Leo got to be his own genuine happy autistic self thanks to Zoe and Julia being their own warm lovely autistic selves.

Autistic friends matter. They really do.

Head in lap. Watching straw flick.
Voluntary participation in elbow plucking
Interlacing fingers. (Offered by Leo only when at ease.)
Back and Forth. Heaven for Leo! Thank you, Zoe.

Photos courtesy of Steve Silberman.