We’re honoring Autism Acceptance by publishing April Accommodations—meaning adjustments that other people can do for  the autistic people in their lives. (For the flipside, as in things that make life harder for autistics, please see  our Autism Checklist of Doom.)

Today, we’re hearing from Hassaan, who wants non-autistic people to stop speaking over autistic people, and to listen to them instead.

What is a small switch in behavior other people can make, to ease your life as an autistic person?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to one but I want people to listen to us. Listen to us when we’re struggling and listen to us quite simply whenever we may need something.
How will this accommodation make your life easier?
Hassaan, a South Asian Muslim man with short black hair, a beard, and glasses. I can only speak for myself but I am aware many autistic people will sadly have the experience of being spoken over by others. The ‘others’ in this scenario may not even be aware they are doing it, but it doesn’t make it less hurtful. It makes me feel isolated and less worthy.

This will make my life easier as I will feel more comfortable making myself heard. I will feel more willing to ask for accommodations if I need them and ask for help; at the moment there’s still a stigma/shame attached to being seen as vulnerable and I want to be able to get past that. I want to feel comfortable with asserting myself without that vulnerability and with the accommodations in place coupled with acceptance, that could be made possible.
What is one thing that brings you joy?
I really enjoy comedy, particularly British comedy panel shows, sitcoms and stand-up.