We’re honoring Autism Acceptance by publishing April Accommodations—meaning adjustments that other people can do for  the autistic people in their lives. (For the flipside, as in things that make life harder for autistics, please see  our Autism Checklist of Doom.)

Today, we’re hearing from Kris Guin who wants people to give him space to process what they are saying, so he can fully participate in conversations.

What is a small switch in behavior other people can make, to ease your life as an autistic person?

One thing people could do to make my life easier as an Autistic person is giving more space for me to talk and think. It can take me a few moments longer than the typical person to process what someone is saying and formulate a response. When you ask a question, just be a little patient while I think.

How will this accommodation make your life easier?

This will make my life easier as an Autistic person because it means I will be able to be a part of a conversation with someone or with a group of people. I will be able to say what I want to say, and people will get to know me better.

What is one thing that brings you joy?

One thing that gives me joy is being around music. I’m very sensory seeking when it comes to music, and, when I get to go to a concert, I feel at peace with myself and with the world. I also love talking about music with people. It’s how I connect with the world around me.

Selfie of Kris Guin, a white man with short brown hair and glasses.
Selfie of Kris Guin