IMFAR 2012: NIH and IACC Overview

Susan Daniels Acting director of office of autism research coordination at NIH (National Institutes of Health) Involved in strategic planning & research at IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) —-   Dr. Daniels spoke at IMFAR about the IACC and the NIH, on the autism research landscape, and IACC research and data sharing. Any errors or omission are on yours truly. -SR IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) IACC background: formed under Combating Autism Act of 2006 (CAA) with the goal of accelerating the pace of autism research, and coordinating it as well. The CAA expired Sept 2011, but has been reauthorized. The IACC consists of Federal and Public members (click photo to enlarge): List of IACC members, new members are red The IACC Mission (from the official site, Provide advice to the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding Federal activities related to autism spectrum disorder.
 Facilitate the exchange of…