Looking for a Few Good Pixels

It’s time for us to start working on a cover for our book. We’ve looked through our own photographs, and we may still have one we like, but we thought we’d open up the possibility of finding something great from our readers.

We are looking for a photograph, or image (drawn, painted etc.) of a path. We’re hoping to find something that resembles the image Jean Winegardner conjures in this essay.

some quotes from the essay:

“It is made up of dirt and rocks and it winds through and up a mountain pass.”

“Some days, when we trip and fall, we see a beautiful flower under a rock that we wouldn’t have seen had we not stumbled.”

“Sometimes the path is dark and scary. And sometimes its beauty takes our breath away.”

If we select your image, it will be used on the cover of our book!

Please see our Submission Guidelines specifically under “Rights” to see how your image may be used.

When you’re ready, email your image to thinkingautism@gmail.com

All images will be sized to 300dpi, so please submit a high-resolution copy, in a JPEG format.