A Little Helps a Lot: Donate $1 to Autism Research.

Autism Science Foundation is featured on Philanthroper.com today giving us a simple way to donate.  

The Autism Science Foundation provides funding to scientists and organizations conducting, facilitating and promoting autism research, and has our shared desire to seek evidence-based therapies. ASF was the initial support behind the grant that allowed TPGA editor Shannon Rosa to go to IMFAR, and helps fill in the gaps that federal cuts have left in research budgets; sometimes it only takes a seed grant to get a driven researcher on their way.

Today you have the opportunity to make a quick, small donation to a great organization, and Philanthroper makes it easy to do. Philanthroper has been described as the “Groupon” of the nonprofit world raising funds $1 at a time for a selected nonprofit and today that’s Autism Science Foundation:  https://philanthroper.com/deals/autism-science-foundation#/

Philanthroper is about group giving. If everyone gives a little bit it will add up to help fund another critical piece of autism research. All dollars raised through this project will go directly to research.

Please join Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and donate a $1 today,  then take a moment to share the link on Facebook and Twitter to encourage your friends and family to make their own gifts.

Thank you-

The Editors