Michael Drejer and Autism Acceptance Month

Here at TPGA, we’re featuring “Slice of Life” conversations with Autistics of all ages — kids through adults — throughout April’s Autism Acceptance Month. Today we’re talking with TPGA Contributor Michael Drejer. (Note slightly NSFW subject matter near the end.) What is Your Name and age? Michael Drejer. I’m 33. Do you have a website or are you on Twitter? Twitter: @maialideth What would a one-sentence description of yourself sound like? “Michael is an aspie living in Denmark.” Do you have any autistic superpowers? What are they? The ability to spot tiny differences that other people would not be able to see. Also handling the NT world is definitely a superpower. What are some situations that make you happy, or satisfied? When I have done a very challenging piece of work, like cleaning the room, doing laundry or completing a particularly difficult test at work successfully. Also when I find…

Otters and horned sea mammals gathered around a laptop at a table in an office.


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