TPGA Book Update

Our editorial team spent much of the Thanksgiving break poring over the inspiring, helpful, & cathartic stories we’ve published on this site — and making hard decisions about which ones to include in the TPGA book. (Twitterheads might have noticed Liz’s weekend retweets of our more than 100 essays.) We’re well on our way to an early February publication.

We had planned to publish a list of contributors on this site today, but have decided that there’s no reason to be formally non-inclusive when every last TPGA stories is worthy and good. To paraphrase the Temple Grandin HBO movie, it’s a matter of being different, not less.

So, we’re grateful for being a blog as well as a book, so that we can continue to feature your wonderful stories every week. Please do keep sharing them with us.

Emily, Jennifer, Liz, and Shannon