Loving Lamposts: A Movie Review by TH

TH, age 10, Autistic

The title of the film is “Loving Lampposts.” I was somewhat weirded out by the title because it was sort of a strange name for a movie and I had a particular interest in lampposts myself. And I knew it had to do with a syndrome called “Autism.” I for one am very familiar with this term, because I myself have it.

Well, the movie revolves around this kid named Sam and his love for some particular lampposts in a local park. His dad wonders why Sam does all of the things he does and also wonders: “What is Autism, and why does it do the things it does?” Well, a large portion of the video is devoted to answering that question and others like it.

Well first of all, there are the smart people who believe Autism is a gift, and it should not be treated with hate, and then there are the people who believe that Autism is a disease that makes children, pardon the term, idiots. Well, those people all have different opinions about Autism, and I think it’s pretty obvious who is right and who is wrong. “Living with these kids is like Hell.” “Autism is a disease that is killing hundreds right now” “It’s all the vaccines’ fault.” Well the answer to these statements are no, you’re an idiot, and nooooo. These people think that Autism is a disease and that they need to find a way to cure it so that there kids can be “neurotypical.” Well, to tell the truth, no one is neurotypical and we all have at least one thing that we struggle with.

The term “Autism” refers to someone who is dumb, crazy, and sometimes even someone who cannot communicate verbally. That was the definition of Autism in the dictionaries back in the 1950s. Well, that definition is wrrrooonnnggg! The real definition is “someone who is gifted but also has struggles mainly with socializing with other ‘normal’ individuals.” Well, Autism has its ups and downs, but I personally think that it has more benefits than struggles. There are some really, really, smart people out there who are Autistic and that proves one thing: Autism rules!

Well, anyway back to the movie! So about those people who think that Autism is a disease, well they are part of an organization called D.A.N. This group believes that Autism causes “gastro intestinal disease” and the only way to “cure” Autism is to feed your kids stuff like fruits and vegetables so it will go away. Well, some of these people have been doing this for years now and they say that “he’s almost cured” or “she’s almost fixed.” Well, I think that’s a ton of baloney right there and I also think that I have a better, more logical answer: THEY ARE MATURING.

For some backup to that theory I have myself. Well, I used to make way more noise and flap way more than I do now. Now I only flap like two times per week [Ed. note: This is somewhat of an underestimation]. So, a lot has changed during my lifetime, so let’s get back to the movie! So, by this time in the movie we have seen many Autistic people (some of whom my mom knows.) Well they all said the same thing: They are happy and proud to be Autistic and they don’t care what all those people say about them. This marks the end of the video and it looks like Sam’s dad finally found the true meaning of the term “Autism” and that it is truly a gift, not a curse!