Samantha Bodwell*

We want April — Autism Acceptance Month — to matter, to help
further acceptance and understanding of autistic experiences, happiness,
and rights for autistic people of all ages and abilities. We will be
publishing your Autism Acceptance posts and pictures all month long. If
you want to participate, contact us at thinkingautism at gmail dot com.
-TPGA Editors

My name is Samantha Bodwell, I am the sole Autistic on the board of the Autism Society of Northern Virginia and due to my suggestion and further urging my board voted unanimously in November of 2011 to rename April Autism Acceptance Month!  🙂  I am not a token Autistic, like some are on majority Neurotypical boards, but a full contributing member!  🙂  This is the second annual celebration of Autism Acceptance Month here in Northern Virginia. In honor of Autism Acceptance Month I have made a sign and posted it in our front yard.

Happy Autism Acceptance Month everyone.


*My Autism Pride Shop, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to organizations that promote Autism Pride and Autism Acceptance!  Please check out my wares and if you have any ideas for things I can design don’t hesitate to suggest them!